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Ceramic is a hard material that is used for a wide variety of applications. In many industries, ceramics are used to make heating elements, computer parts, circuitry, pipes, decorative objects, and much more. In order to form ceramics into usable shapes they have to be ground down. Ceramic grinding requires a series of specialized tools depending on the type of project and what shape the final ceramic will have. In addition to ceramics, most ceramic grinding companies can also grind materials like aluminum oxide, carbon, ferrite, mullite, porcelain, gemstones, silicone carbide, quartz, and many other solid and composite materials.

The seven most common forms of grinding include, precision grinding, ceramic polishing, secondary machining, lapping, ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic milling, and diamond slicing. It is rare for a company to require specialized grinding outside of these basic grinding procedures. Using one or more of these grinding techniques, a company can create nearly any form of ceramic product imaginable.

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